A Reminder For Those Who Don’t Feel They Have Enough

Mike Foster

by Mike Foster

’Tis the season of giving. But while we assume we need to be rushing off to purchase perfect presents, we can actually do something great with what we’ve got.

Photo Credit: Flood G., Creative Commons

Take this woman and her boots for example.

She was on the subway in New York. Another lady entered her car barefoot and evidently chilly by the way she was wiggling her pink toes. The boot-wearing woman took off her shoes and zipped them up over the pink toes.

At the warmth, the woman cried.

The now socks-wearing lady looked down at the thin layer that protected her own feet for her long trek home. A man noticed her disgruntled look and a chain reaction started. He whipped out a pair of thick gym socks and handed them to her. She could make it home.

Hearing about the gift, a store contacted the woman who gave away her boots and sent her on a shopping spree. What did she do? Buy a new pair of boots? Enjoy the repayment for her random act of kindness?

Not exactly.

Instead, she continued the chain of giving by donating every purchase to a women’s shelter.

After hearing this story, I realized that giving is about something deeper than the gift and my heart started growing like the Grinch in “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”

What if Christmas,” he says, “doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!

There is a “little bit more” to this whole season than purchasing presents, isn’t there? Gifts are awesome but there are times where we can’t wrap the thing we need to give away.

Here’s why:

This whole Christmas thing started because Jesus was born to give a grace that could and can never be contained in a box. Because of him, and people like the boot-wearing lady, there is a chain reaction of goodness and kindness that has been freely gifted to us.  So pause.

What great thing can we do with what we’ve got?

Source: A Reminder For Those Who Don’t Feel They Have Enough


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