FAVOR given one, is meant FOR many.

Sometimes when God is inviting us into His work, we are called to places where our positioning doesn’t seem to make sense. This has something to do with the way God wants us to perceive His ways. Whenever we are called into what He is doing, there will always be a heart check involved. That check is the  product of our faith. Are we willing to go to places that are not inviting toward our physical, spiritual, emotional or psychological comfort? That is the question obedience will always ask.

In recent months through a series of unforeseen events, the Lord has sent me into some frontier areas of life. The Holy Spirit has been inviting me into something new. Essentially, He is asking me to follow at the cost of leaving some of the many less challenging areas in my life. He has used these areas to build the capacity He needs in me to take on our meaningful work together. I’ve learned that the pragmatic solutions to problems in my life all have to do with the countenance of favor in my life. God’s favor over me was never meant for me, but rather for us. Favor has to take on a posture of what it means for everyone around me and at the moment, it has to do with the life of my older brother.

You see, as His-story and my story begin to interweave it is becoming more and more clear that God’s greater design for the favor I have been gifted with is to see how I will choose to steward it. It all comes down to choices doesn’t it? What will become of these gifts? My spirit senses that He is opening the door of adventure into the unknown. A place where my favor can become of real benefit to the Kingdom. A place that invites the dangers and pain of putting my heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into something that has the high possibility of breaking me. But, if it is indeed His work, it has the promise of seeing an old dream of freedom for a place and people I believe He wants me to help. So in the spirit of the prophets of old, to the Ancient of Ages I say, “Here I am Lord”.

This weblog will chronicle  my obedience, wins, and loses. I invite you into the journey.

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I’m a football coach trapped in an I.T. administrators body. My beautiful, kick ass wife Anna and I have three great kids; daughters Iliana (beautiful, smart & insightful) and Natalia (beautiful, smart & thoughtful) along with my son Emiliano (smart, strong & outgoing) best of all, we all love Jesus (that’s called speaking truth). We make our home in Corpus Christi, Texas and when I’m not spending time with family or at Church Unlimited’s Westside Campus with our other family, I enjoy playing with technology, networks and algorithms. I also enjoy music, audio recording, learning / practicing leadership and managing projects.

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