The Ordinary Men

VicBioVictor Cadena:

I’m the dad of eight kids, I know what you’re thinking, “The Hispanic Brady Bunch” right! I have three wonderful daughters from a previous marriage and my beautiful wife Valerie has four boys from a previous marriage. The newest addition to our family is our new baby boy. I’m currently a competitive power eater (LOL) but back in the day I actively competed as a powerlifter. My greatest pride is that my family loves the Lord. My wife and I met serving in children’s church at Church Unlimited in Corpus Christi, Texas. Yep, we have a blended marriage and there’s never a dull moment in our home. Our three girls live in other cities but the five boys live with us. I spend most of my time at football and basketball games and practices, and I love it. When we are not at games or practices or with our church family I like to hit the gym with my two older boys.

:David FloresDFloresBio

I’m a football coach trapped in an I.T. administrators body. My beautiful, kick-ass wife Anna and I have three great kids; daughters Iliana (beautiful, smart & insightful) and Natalia (beautiful, smart & thoughtful) along with my son Emiliano (smart, strong & outgoing) best of all, we all love Jesus (that’s called speaking truth). We make our home in Corpus Christi, Texas and when I’m not spending time with family, I enjoy playing with technology, networks, and data analysis. I also enjoy music, audio recording, learning/practicing leadership, and managing projects.

FGamboaBioFernando Gamboa:

About me… hmmmm… let’s just go with “Music”. It’s everywhere, all we have to do is be quiet long enough to hear it. It’s in the outdoor wind, chirping birds, and in my wife’s laughter… everywhere! Music has captured my heart for the last twenty-one years and for the last four years I’ve been fortunate enough to share the moving power of music with the congregation at Church Unlimited’s Westside Campus as a member of the praise and worship team and as worship director. I’m married to my best friend Ariana and we have three boys. When we are not serving our brothers and sisters in the Lord’s house you can find us at home jamming and laughing the day away. My boys are a trip so needless to say it’s never a dull moment. My goal is to teach others what I’ve learned about “Worship”. Worship is not a slow song on a Sunday morning, it’s how we live from Sunday to Sunday and being obedient to God’s leading. Listening for God’s voice is like trying to find music in the hustle and bustle of day to day life. We must simply stay quiet long enough to hear His words.

:Israel MartinezIMartinezBio

I tend to come off as cocky, but I’m the complete opposite. I might be big, but I’m humbled by my savior! I thought moving from the Rio Grande Valley to Corpus Christi wouldn’t be much of a change, but there are certain things I’ve had to adjust to. I attend Church Unlimited Westside and it’s been a blessing getting to interact with men who also love God and life. I met my future wifey, Belinda there. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us as we embark on this new journey together. All praise goes to my Lord,
Jesus Christ.

RPerezBioRalph Perez, Esq.:

I recently had someone who I’ve known for quite some time come up to me and say, “Ralph, I had no idea you were an attorney.” That happens often. It’s because solving problems for a living as an attorney is such a small part of what I do, that it just doesn’t come up much. What I really am is a junkie. I’m an information junkie, constantly diving into new hobbies and areas until I know everything I can about a subject. I’m a people junkie. I live for connecting with new people and helping them connect with others. I’m a sports junkie. My TV is tuned to sports every single night. Doesn’t matter if it’s football, basketball, baseball, or curling, if there are sports on, chances are I’m watching. But most of all, I’m a Jesus junkie. I love to study and teach the Bible and serve others at the West Side Campus of Church Unlimited. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect. While I’ve never been addicted to drugs or alcohol, my habit has led to ruined relationships and broken hearts. There are two hearts that are most important to me and those are the hearts of my two daughters. My faith challenges me to constantly find new and creative ways to love and lead my daughters towards full life in Jesus. Just an ordinary junkie, in pursuit of His extraordinary standard. That’s who I am.

:Johnny RayJRayBio

Author, radio personality, theology student, pizza connoisseur. I am…