“Inspiring ordinary men in the pursuit of His extraordinary standard.”


God’s extraordinary standard of connection to Him and others in fellowship is the cornerstone of our vision. We believe that relationship with God and His people are the hallmarks of a life well-lived. We believe the development of our relationship with God and the ensuing character transformation are the building blocks of becoming better men (better husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, bosses, employees, and friends). We believe better men change the world.


To embrace surrender, release, rebuilding, and repeating as the process of knowing God and being known by God.

As ordinary men being called into this extraordinary relationship, we have experienced the process of surrender, release, and rebuilding in joyous and sometimes painful repetition. God developed this process to build the capacity He needs in us, to take us where He is going. Our mission is to help other men along the way by sharing what God has done in and for us.


  • The Patriarch Conference is our annual flagship event. The conference will serve as our yearly rally and annual vision-casting mechanism.
  • The M46 Podcast is our bi-weekly communication, support, and connection medium.
  • The M46 Small Group Initiative is our network of “In Real Life” small group gatherings where men are encouraged to connect and grow together toward God.

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